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Iron Man #282 1st War Machine

Iron Man #282 1st War Machine

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Iron Man #282

Features the 1st Appearance of War Machine

Condition: VF (Book will be in 8.0 or better condition unless otherwise stated. We can not guarantee grades on raw books)

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Story Line:

The Masters of Silence came to Stark Enterprises last issue looking for a fight! And now the trio is getting one in spades thanks to the War Machine armor! In a remarkable display of firepower; Tony Stark, clad in the new gray & white armor, trounces his would-be assassins! In the meantime, Jim Rhodes contacts SHIELD to learn who framed Stark Enterprises for the deadly accident in Japan! And it turns out to be someone the armored avenger knows very, very well! Cameo appearances by Justin Hammer and Nick Fury

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