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Extreme Carnage Lasher #1 1:50 Symbiote Retail Variant

Extreme Carnage Lasher #1 1:50 Symbiote Retail Variant

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Extreme Carnage Lasher #1 (1:50) Symbiote Retail Variant

Features the 1st Appearance of a new Symbiote

Condition: NM (Book will be in 9.2 or better condition unless otherwise stated. We can not guarantee 9.8 grades on raw books)

Comic will ship in a box for protection

** Expected release date is Sep 3rd 2021

**This is a pre-order there's No refunds or cancellations after payment buy clicking buy it now you agree to the terms**

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Story Line:

Four issues into the Carnage event of the summer and the bodies just keep piling up - including some of the Venomaniacs the Mighty Marveldom know and love! But now is not a time to mourn for fallen heroes (or their symbiotes). CARNAGE is on the loose, and he's building an army

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