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Dolly Parton Female Force Wonder Woman Variant

Dolly Parton Female Force Wonder Woman Variant

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(Pre-order) Dolly Parton Female Force Wonder Woman Variant

Limited to 50 copies

Condition: NM (Book will be in 9.2 or better condition unless otherwise stated. We can not guarantee grades on raw books)

Comic will ship in a box for protection

Estimated Ship Date 5/10/2024 (This is only an estimate date can vary)

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Story Line:

Presenting the highly sought-after Wonder Woman homage cover edition of the "Female Force" Dolly Parton comic book – a true treasure for collectors! This variant is limited to just 50 printed copies, making it an exceptionally rare addition to any collection.

This special edition features a homage to Wonder Woman #1 by George Perez, showcasing a breathtaking cover crafted by the renowned Marvel Comics artist Yonami.

The 22-page comic delves into the remarkable life of Dolly Parton, chronicling her journey from modest beginnings to achieving greatness in singing, songwriting, multi-instrumentalism, record production, acting, writing, business, and philanthropy. Her story is not just a tale but an empowering and inspirational narrative that captures the essence of this iconic country music legend.

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