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BCW Current/Modern MYLAR Archivals Comic Bag

BCW Current/Modern MYLAR Archivals Comic Bag

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BCW Current/Modern Mylar Archivals Comic Bags

**If buying comics please separate order for protection

2 Mil Resealable Comic Bags - 7" x 10 1/2" (50 bags per pack)

  • Fits most current comics
  • 2 mil material thickness
  • Archival Polyester
  • 1-1/2" flap for closure

These 2 mil Comic Book Bags are made of Archival Polyester (Mylar) an inert material of the highest clarity. Mylar will not discolor, damage, or adhere to items placed inside it. It is a sturdy film that beautifully displays, timelessly protects and gives extra support to fragile documents. Mylar contains no dangerous plasticizers, slip additives, surface coatings, antioxidants, acid- hydrolysis. This bag is a semi-rigid bag and does not require the use of a backer board. But if you do use a backer board be sure to only use certified acid free boards.

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