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Amazing Spider-Man #48 1st Blackie Drago 2nd Vulture

Amazing Spider-Man #48 1st Blackie Drago 2nd Vulture

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Amazing Spider-Man #48

Feature the 1st Appearance & origin of the 2nd Vulture (Blackie Drago)

Condition: GD (Book will be in the 2.0 range )

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Story Line:

"The Wings of the Vulture!"

As Spider-Man searches the city for trace of Kraven the Hunter, at the nearby prison Adrian Toomes is apparently on his death bed, following an accident. Before he seemingly dies, he tells his cellmate Blackie Drago the location of a spare set of Vulture wings. Once he learns of their location, Drago reveals that the his "accident" was planned in the hopes that Toomes would reveal the location of the wings so that once Drago gets out of prison he can use the technology for his own personal gain. That night, Drago manages to sneak out of the prison, and finds Toomes' spare set of wings.

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